Simplified excavator guidance.

Find out more about our multi-machine and multi-bucket, wireless, 3D excavator Guidance system.
It can be easily transferred from one machine to another.
Permanent geo-referencing of the machine and the working zone.
Place the bucket on the excavator on the work zone and follow the indicator lights or the instructions on the screen.

Presentation video of our modular mechanical shovel Guidance system

Modular 3D wireless system

Wireless angular sensors

Boom, Stick, Bucket: It provides the position of the various moving parts of the machine.


It displays the plans and allows you to enter different parameters.

GNSS antenna

It shows the position of the machine in real-time.


It gives the accurate location of the bucket teeth with respect to the earth-moving to accomplish.

Prise en main du système Guidaide

A universal system

It takes just a few hours for our teams to install Guidaide on any type of excavator thus allowing it to be operational the same day. The ease of use of our interface allows experienced or even novice drivers to benefit from the rapid handling of the tool.

Technologie Guidaide adaptée à tous types de travaux

The proof is in the field

"GUIDAIDE" technology can be applied to any type of work and allows the job to be monitored in real-time, even over large areas or distances.

Our features

Guidaide, Installation 48h

Installation / configuration
in less than one half-day

Guidaide, Universal compatibility

and multi-buckets

Guidaide, High precision

RTK Geo-referencing
All coordinate

Guidaide, Straightforward interface

Straightforward interface

Guidaide, Remote maintenance

Connected remote

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