An innovative system for 3D guidance

With Guidaide, the position of the shovel is calculated in real-time and the sensors mounted on the arms, indicate the depth of the bucket.

A video of the concept

Installation in less than one half-day

With this wireless solution, the installation is faster and the system more robust. The transfer from one machine to another takes just several minutes. Other sensors can be added (variable jib, tilting bucket, rotating bucket…).

Stand-alone and continuous monitoring

The handling of this excavator guidance system is very simple and intuitive for both experienced and novice drivers. Using the equipment in the cab, the driver knows the exact location of the machine and the position of its bucket teeth at any moment. With Guidaide, you will operate in the work zone safely, without needing anyone on the ground.

Stand-alone and continuous monitoring

Connected machines

Guidaide is compatible with all types of excavator and buckets. The working data from each machine (state of progress of the work, volumes moved, compacting surface area) can be downloaded by the works manager. If updates of the plans are made by the design office, they are sent directly to each machine via the integrated SIM card.

An entirely connected fleet

Remotely connected maintenance

We can intervene over the whole of France. Our team can assist the driver remotely so to help them in the performance of their specific task, just by means of a phone call. In order to avoid you equipment being immobilised, it is possible to offer replacement equipment in case of loss, theft or breakage.

Remote maintenance

A competitive offer

Time savings and permanent monitoring go together with an attractive price. Guidaide is a simplified excavator guidance solution, accessible to all. The system is designed and developed in France and benefits from an after-sales service, customised to your needs.